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My name is Chelsie! I am an organizing, recipe trying and budget keeping stay at home mom who loves to find ways to better myself and has a deep love for God. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in child development from BYU in 2014. I enjoy reading, singing and photography and have been having so much fun trying to teach myself how to shoot in manual and edit in Lightroom. I have Anxiety Disorder and do my best to cope with it in healthy behavioral ways and some days are so hard but most can be so good. :) Being a mom is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and I love it when people are honest and REAL, so expect that from me. :)

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My husband Kyler is a money saving, hard working, intelligent and kind-hearted man. He has a JD-MBA and is currently a lawyer with his own practice in Provo. He loves the great outdoors and would go camping every weekend and for every vacation ever if he had the chance. He is also an LDS Bishop - so our lives are a bit crazy but we have a lot of fun figuring it out together. :)

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Our little Henry Joseph is our cute, crazy ball of energy. He turned 4 in September and loves toy cars, trains, playing outside on his big boy bike and all things to do with Super Heroes! He is a sweet big brother to his little sister and baby brother and always loves being helpful. He can be quite mischievous and destructive at times but he’s also just a big ball of joy and quickly becomes a friend to all he meets.

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Rosemary Pay is our two 1/2 year old bundle of sunshine! She is one sassy, sweet, happy little lady who has red hair like her mama and is just plain adorable! She is quite obsessed with baby dolls and stuff animals and truly takes care of her little toys with great attention and love. It’s very sweet! She is quite independent and can really belt her heart out when she’s singing. She is always keeping us laughing!

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Eli James is our youngest little one! He is such a sweet baby boy with a hearty appetite and the sweetest little facial expressions. He is literally like our family puppy- energetic, fun loving and slobbery. We are so glad he's joined us in our crazy and chaotic McCarty clan and it's so fun to see his big brother and sister show their (sometimes suffocating) love for him. :) 

Pictures by Kendra Bird Photography.