Staycation to Manti

Since Kyler became an LDS Bishop almost 3 years ago (next month! nuts!) we have enjoyed getting out of town for General Conference weekend! A Bishop is like a priest or preacher, but on a volunteer basis and is done on top of their full time job, so it gets a little crazy at times and we don’t get a lot of time as a nuclear family during the week. These staycations are a great way to slow down and reconnect with each other again. It always feels so nice to get a break from the craziness of the world, spend some good time together as a nuclear family as well as getting to hear from the leaders of our church. It’s always a wonderful time that we each look forward to! This time we stayed at an AirBnb in Manti. I bought the kids some dollar butterfly nets and they had so much fun running around trying to catch some butterflies ha ha We explored the temple grounds when not watching conference and it tired the kids right out!

Manti was beautiful. We like to go to places within an hour or so of our home so we don’t have to drive too far but can still feel like we’re “away.” It’s so nice being out in the country for a weekend and breathing in that fresh air and enjoying the slower pace there. We’re already looking forward to the next one in October!


Eli's First Birthday

Just wanted to document this sweet boy’s 1st birthday! We kept it calm and casual at home and had some yummy cake! He got some new swaddle blankets, a church outfit and some toys. He was pretty pleased with the wrapping paper most of all. :) I made his cake and was excited because this was the first time I made a layer cake that wasn’t lopsided ha ha huzzah! Applying sprinkles on the sides turned out terribly but oh well- focusing on the successes ;)

one day I’ll get a good “inside of cake” picture without a messy bottom involved ha ha

one day I’ll get a good “inside of cake” picture without a messy bottom involved ha ha

Fuzzy quality but look at that joy!

Fuzzy quality but look at that joy!