Henry Shenanigans Part 2

I call this post of shenanigans the "Magical Relocating Baby" edition. 

Mr. Henry is barely barely showing signs of crawling, but I am already amazed at the way he is able to travel by rolling and scooting. He is a crack up, always finding a way to get to what he wants, and the speed he travels is quite shocking! I love this magical relocating little man! 

Funny Relocation #1: Originally Henry had been chillin' between the piggy and the red stuffed animal. 

#2: Next we have a baby who made a break for it while mom was trying to change his diaper. He was laying on the blue pad, and I went to grab some more diapers. When I came back he was long gone. :)

#3: Once again, fast moving baby. He had been in the middle of this blanket! 

#4: My all time favorite! I had set the baby boy down and was washing a few dishes. I was in the kitchen for a few minutes. All of a sudden I hear this little noise and I look over at the entry way and see this. How cute is he? "Whatcha doing in here mom?"  

this is where he traveled from : 

I wonder what he will do next.. :)