A Day in the Life of a Mama

Sometimes I just stop and laugh at how humorous my life can be at times now that I'm a mama. The things that now take up my time were never even a thought before I had Henry. I think I reach higher highs and lower lows than I ever thought possible. It's such a fun roller coaster ride being a mom! 


I thought I'd list some of the things I get to do every day and some of the thoughts that cross my mind, just so I can always remember this stage of my life. Plus any other mama's will probably relate and I thought we could have a laugh about it together. :) Here we go!

-Seeing how excited he is when I go to take him out of his crib every morning is the best way to start my day. 

-Trying to decide when/how to exercise because who wants to do that during precious nap time, and also who wants to wake up early for that? Okay yeah, I'll fit that in at half past never.  (I really do try to exercise, but sometimes it's the worst!)

-Meal times are the messiest, longest things ever. I would love to go back to nursing Henry all the time. It's much cleaner!

-Letting him assert his independence at times while knowing full well that it just makes things much harder for me. 

- Poopy diapers always seem to pop up when least expected. Oh, you're already walking out the door and 10 minutes late? Too bad mama. Change that stinky babe. 

- Sticking my finger in my child's mouth to get out choking hazards or gross things is a common occurrence that my baby now just accepts as a normal part of life. 

-Missing those long nursing sessions now that Henry eats for like 2 minutes max. Where did my bonus cuddle time go? 

-Going to the bathroom alone without a baby crying is a miracle.

-Getting food ready in the kitchen without a baby crying is a miracle. 

- Keeping Henry in the same pair of clothes all day without getting them dirty... never happens. 

-Getting random cuddles and snuggles in when they come. (BEST EVER)

- Moving obstacles from the babes is an all day thing- husband's guitar, phone cords, cell phones, lap tops, etc. All. day. long.

-Pulling my child's hands out of the toilet he was happily splashing in and washing them before he can suck on them.(Which I sometimes lose at. #momfail.)  

- Singing children's songs 1000 times every day. I feel like I have a permanent sore throat at times. 

-Doing anything and everything ridiculous just to hear that amazing baby giggle because it's far better than the sweetest music. 

-Brushing his teeth and hearing his cute laugh as he thinks it tickles and that it's basically the best thing ever. 

-Trying to take pictures and having to take 70 in order to find one that looks okay and that isn't fuzzy from the constant baby movement. 

-Finally getting the bathroom clean and then the baby comes in and pulls everything out of the cupboards. 

-Spending so much time and focus on feeding the baby that it's 4pm before I realize I haven't eaten a thing myself. 

-Realizing that getting ready to run errands takes 9 times longer than it actually takes to run them. (and actually running the errands takes 3 times as long then when you did them pre-children.) 

-Being so excited when they become mobile but then also completely overwhelmed when you realize how much more work it is for you. 

-Struggling between being frustrated and thinking it's adorable when they make a mess and have that precious innocent facial expression. 

-Worrying about them choking, not breathing, drowning, getting in a car wreck, getting badly hurt or somehow being taken from you. 

-Stopping and thinking "How am I so blessed to be this little ones mom?" 

-Being so ready for nap time but missing my baby terribly 30 minutes in and wanting to wake him up to play. 

- Struggling to put clothes on them and having it be like a wrestling match more than half the time that the baby totally wins. Okay fine- just wear a diaper today. You only have so many years to rock those fat rolls I guess before people no longer think it's cute. ;) 

-Wishing I had more time in the day to do what I want but then once I get that time, only wanting to be with my husband and son. 

-Remembering how much this baby was prayed for and hoped for and feeling so grateful that he is here. 

-Trying not to laugh when he is throwing a temper tantrum because he looks so cute but he is 100% as ticked as a baby can be. 

- Looking at my husband and thanking my Father in Heaven for giving me the most amazing partner in crime who keeps me grounded when I typically feel like a chicken with my head chopped off.

-Wishing that it was time for daddy to be home.

-Feeling jealous when daddy gets to play with the baby, even though I've had him to myself all day long. 

-Feeling so excited for alone time with the husband but then talking about how cute the baby is for most of it. 

-Feeling so tired and so ready for sleep, and yet eagerly awaiting to do it all again the next morning. :) 

 I love this part of my life. It's new and exciting and frustrating and hard and so stinkin' fun!