Eli's Four Month Update

My sweet boy 💙  Time to document what he's been up to lately!


He is so good natured. Usually very happy and calm which is a such a blessing! 


My milk supply has been disappearing (mainly because I was on a million trips this past month and pumping just isn't the same) so Eli nurses in the morning but then has breast milk (that I pumped and stored in the freezer) via bottle and then has formula before bedtime. He is such a champ and just wants food so he is miraculously unpicky and will take whatever he is given which is a huge blessing.

I'm really calm and at peace that my milk is almost gone. It's strange. I nursed my first two until a year and really loved it and I've loved nursing Eli. I've been blessed with minimal issues while nursing and have had a great experience each time. With Henry I did have to fight to fix my supply after damaging it with sudafed and it was a big battle that took months of pumping, eating oatmeal and taking fenugreek but I was able to do it and was really proud of myself for sticking with it! This time around with 3 kids under 4, I have no energy or time available to fight for it again, but I'm 100% okay with how it's turned out. ❤️ We'll use up what's left of my freezer milk stash (which will last for about a month, maybe a little longer 🤞🏻 I'm so grateful I have it!) I'll still nurse him in the mornings for as long as my body will let me and then we'll do formula. Fed is best! I'm grateful to be at a place mentally and emotionally where I really believe that. It makes this transition into a positive instead of into something stressful and sad. 💛💛


He I s so close to rolling over! The majority of his tummy time has him ending up on his back but I'm still thinking it's accidental. The cutie looks super confused every time it happens so I think he hasn't actually figured it out yet ha ha He is really good at going from his back to his side though which I think is adorable. 


He is a stiff little baby! He loves standing on his legs and prefers that over sitting, even when he's being burped which makes for some awkward positioning ha ha He's been like this almost since day one. It makes me feel panicked that he'll be a fast walker. 😅 Stay a little roly poly blob for as long as possible baby boy! 


He has survived ten days without mama this past month! 5 days I was at Lake Powell for Youth Conference so we had nannies with the kids and 5 days I was at Girls Camp and daddy and various sitters held down the fort. I've never left a baby this young before (and dont worry, I don't plan on making it a habit ha ha.) It was emotional at first but I felt that the decision to go to these events was right and felt really at peace with attending them for the whole time. ❤️ Thankfully he still loves me and recognizes me 😉 It's been fun to see a stronger connection between him and his daddy now too!

He's still super spitty ha ha I just keep reminding myself that one day it will end!   He has started giggling and laughing and it's so precious! Babies are just too cute!

He's still super spitty ha ha I just keep reminding myself that one day it will end! 

He has started giggling and laughing and it's so precious! Babies are just too cute!


We no longer swaddle his arms when he sleeps and he is always putting his arms in the cutest and funniest positions while he sleeps. He takes three naps a day for 2 hours and then sleeps for 11-12 hours at night. Hallelujah! 🎉 He was my worst newborn sleeper but now he's killin it. 


So grateful for the sweet spirit he brings into our home. Love him so much. 💙