U of U

UTES sign

My husband is a huge University of Utah fan! Although he now attends BYU for his JD-MBA (U of U's biggest rival) he will forever be a Utah Man, and bravely wears his red shirt on BYU campus to show his support. He sings the Utah Man song to our son all the time, and always happens to find Ute clothes for him too. Even though I am a BYU grad myself, I decided I had to come to terms with the fact that my husband loves the Utes forever. :) Therefore, I made him this little sign for his office. 

I created the stencils myself thanks to an exact-o knife and stencil pads from Walmart. I downloaded the font I thought would look the best (I think it was called Freshman), traced it on the stencil pad, and sliced away. I painted the board black, let it dry, and then traced the letters onto the board with pencil. I painted in the red and then outlined and fixed mistakes with a black sharpie marker and a ruler.  I really like how it turned out, but I never want to make it again. ha ha. It took a huge amount of time, mainly because I had to create the stencils. But, I'm glad he can now represent his love for his favorite school at work, and that I was able to make a "manly" craft that he wouldn't be embarrassed of. :)