Henry's 11 Month Update

Wow- time moves so quickly. :) 

Henry Joseph is 11 months old, and he is such a fun little boy!

He is certainly a mover these days. He is always so so busy. He will occasionally sit still while playing with certain toys, but typically he is all over the place- especially when I'm hoping he'll stay in one spot (like at church etc.) He just has so much to learn about and explore these days. 

He is getting better and better at walking. We still take tumbles every few steps most of the time, but every once and awhile he''ll walk across the entire room and sit down all on his own. I just can't believe how big he's getting. 

I have so many pictures of him standing like this by the window- it's one of his favorite places to hang out! 

I have so many pictures of him standing like this by the window- it's one of his favorite places to hang out! 

He has 5 teeth and they are adorable. I love his little toothy grin. So far he has done really well at not biting me while nursing- thank goodness! 

I am still nursing him twice a day, and I really love it. He is a quick little guy now, and a "long" nursing session is about 2-3 minutes.  (remember when he used to take an hour and a half in those first months?! because I sure do. :) ) If I had known how easy nursing would become later on when I was struggling those first few months, I think it would have been a little easier to push through, although I know it's different for everybody. Now that we have our system down, I really want to keep nursing him even past his year mark. I kind of wish I could just solely nurse him instead of feeding him solids because it's much quicker and CLEANER. :) But I guess these babies have to grow up and eat big boy food too. :) 

He is slowly starting to eat more foods besides baby foods, but he is definitely still a lover of purees. I think he really loves the texture. One day we will be able to leave those behind, but for now they are our best food friends. :) 

He has a funny little personality and makes some pretty great facial expressions at times. 

(Click on the pictures below to see all 4 of them.) 

I can't get over what a little sweetheart he is. We joke that his defense mechanism is cuddling, because he just curls up in people's arms when he doesn't know what else to do. He's a mover and a shaker, but he loves being held and can be very content on someones lap. 


Henry Joseph you are an absolute joy. It's been almost a year and I STILL can't believe he belongs to Kyler and I. :) 

(click on the picture below to see all of them.)