You Just Get Better

Lately life feels nuts. 

Kyler was called as the Bishop of our LDS ward at the end of May, and then Rosemary was born one week later. I've also been getting some crazy migraines and had to find a new medication that worked since my typical kind can't be taken while nursing. (Thankfully I've now found some things to help!) However, things are becoming more manageable and I am slowly starting to feel a little less crazy! 

This summer has been interesting for us, but I've also learned that pretty much everyone is going through a crazy time in one way or another. We all have hard things going on. We are all growing and learning and stumbling and falling and trying our best to get back up again. Life is tough, but so are we!

Kyler once got some great advice from someone he met in college. It always gives me comfort whenever I feel like a chicken with my head cut off (which is a common occurrence lately ;) ).

"Life doesn't get any easier, you just get better at it."

I really think that's true. We get better at managing things or letting go of unnecessary  stresses. We develop skills and tactics to help us get through different stages. We realize our limitations and when we need to ask for help. We depend more on God and realize we can't control everything. Life goes on, and we get better. 

Just throwing that out there in case anyone is feeling hopeless. Don't be. With God, it ALWAYS gets better. :) 



Rosemary's Blessing Day

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have a beautiful practice where a newborn baby is given a name and a blessing. This blessing is filled with hope, and all of the dreams and desires the child's parents have for them during their time here on earth. 

Rosemary Pay's special day was on July 3. I am so grateful for this Gospel and that I am able to raise my precious babies in it. It is the only thing in this life that constantly fills me with peace, light, and love. I am so excited to share it with my children, and watch it fill their hearts like it fills mine. 

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