Henry's Three Month Update

My precious little guy is 3 months as of Christmas- so some of his pictures are holiday themed. :)

 We don’t have a doctor checkup until 4 months, so we had to figure out his weight with our adult scale. Every time we did it he seemed to be directly in between 13 and 14 pounds, therefore 13lbs 7oz it is! And 24 inches long. He’s our short and squat little guy. :)

 And now for some 3 month updates!

He used to love bath time, but the last few baths have made him very sad. He’ll look up at me with this little face that says “Why are you doing this to me?!”

He loves to suck on his hands. They are often very stinky because of this!

So far his eyes are a beautiful dark blue. I hope they stay because they are so pretty!

Lately he is pretty good at pulling out his pouty bottom lip. It’s heart melting!

I’m a mean mom because I caught it on camera and love this picture to pieces.

This cute sad face after his lip pucker cry. “Why are you making me takes pictures mom?”

He LOVES to stand. He’s a big boy now and has to constantly be standing up or looking out. It’s pretty cute.

Daddy got him a bumbo for Christmas, so now he really likes sitting in it because he feels so big.

 He is a smiley little guy and I’m working on playing little games and singing songs to him to be more interactive. We’ve also started reading a book each day, it’s cute because he’s glued to the bright colors!

When he’s tired, he gets so serious. It’s pretty darn cute. Our families probably don’t believe that he’s a very happy baby because at the family holiday parties he was serious or sad. (overwhelmed by all of the people/tired I think!)

 We just love this baby boy and are having fun with his new little accomplishments!

 Here’s our only santa picture this year. :)