On a Budget - L'Oréal Liquid Eye liner

Make up can be so expensive! It's hard when you want to look good but the best quality things cost a ton of $$$. I've been able to find a makeup product that is under $10 and is good quality and wanted to share it with you! 🎉

My mom told me about this great product that would make lining your upper eyelid fast and easy and would help you do a perfect straight line! It's from the brand L'Oréal and it's called The Infallible blockbuster liquid eyeliner. 



It has a fat marker like tip that makes it really easy to line your eye, but the tip is thin enough that it creates as thin of a line as you want. It's fast, easy and looks great! It doesn't last all day like Senegence products (which, if I had all the money in the world that is the makeup I'd buy- oh the conundrum when you don't want to sell it!😉) but I think this infallible liquid eyeliner marker is really great quality as a makeup product that is under $10. 

Don't mind my creepy as heck eye close up photo, but I wanted to show you how it looks after you put it on. 😂


In conclusion, the L'Oréal Infallible liquid eyeliner is fast, easy to make a straight line with, and under $10 and I highly recommend it. Yay for finding products that work while on a budget, whoop whoop! 💃🏼