Food Organization

With food in the fridge, freezer, and cupboards, I noticed things get crazy and disorganized FAST. I have since started buying baskets from the dollar store to help me out, and I really like how things look and stay organized with their help! 

In this first picture of my fridge, I have a basket on the top level for milk that I've pumped. That way Kyler and I can grab it and warm it up quickly to make a bottle for the Henry. In the middle layer, I throw all of my cheese and dairy products in there. It's nice to have them all in one place! 

Next we have my freezer. One basket holds frozen pumped milk for the baby, and the other holds all of my meat. It's really nice to have a semi-organized freezer because who wants to spend forever digging around and searching for things when it's cold? Also you'll see a bunch of bread on the bottom row. I only grocery shop once every two weeks, and Kyler and I use a lot of bread. I only set out one loaf at a time, and then just thaw them one at time when we need more. This way we have plenty of fresh, yummy bread for the whole two weeks without chance of molding. 

And last is my cupboard. The top basket holds little grab bag of things for snacks and lunches (I will have another post about that) and the bottom bucket is our "junk" bucket, so all things unhealthy and delicious are thrown in there and pulled out on a movie night. But don't be deceived, most of the stuff in there is old candy we don't really want but can't bring ourselves to throw away. :)

I love these baskets, they help me feel sane and semi in control of all the things in my house.  :)