On a Budget Posts Compiled

Hello hello!  

It's nearing that wonderful time of year again where it's the holiday season and the new year is coming! Kyler and I love to think back on how we did with our goals and decide what we should focus on for the next year. One area we always talk about is finances, so since it's on my brain and since so many of you voted on Instagram for a post on finances, well, here you go! 


As as I was thinking about what I should specifically write about, I kept thinking that honestly, there isn't much extra I can think to add to the On a Budget series I started this time last year! But to make things a little easier for you, I've decided to create this post with all of the links involved and organize them into one easy to find place to help you best figure out your finances! However, if you've read each post and are still confused or would like tips on a different area of budgeting, hit me up and let me know! For now, I'll just post the already created posts below. :) I so hope you find these helpful! ❤️ I totally get that there are a million and one ways to organize your finances and definitely don't think my way is the only way by any means, but I hope at least pieces of this blog series can be helpful to you! Happy budgeting! 


To start: 

The Mental Game and Finding your Why

Financial Priorities 

How to Create Realistic Budgets

How a Cash Budget System Works 

4 Tips to Avoid Debt 


Some extra On a Budget fun: 

Online Grocery Shopping 



And even international traveling is possible on a budget! 

A Trip to France that Won't Break the Bank 


And just remember! Even though budgeting can be a beast at times, you can do it! :)