Henry's Four Month Update

 I’m a few days behind, but this past Sunday Henry Joseph turned 4 months!


He is at such a fun stage, and I’m loving how much he is learning!

At his appointment yesterday, Henry boy weighed 15 lbs 1 oz and was 25 & 1/4 inches long. He’s our big guy. :) I thought he was on the short side but he’s in the 67% percentile for height, so I guess not!

Nursing is going well! I am so relieved that I was able to bring my supply back after almost completely killing it. Fenugreek is a miraculous thing! (I took 12 pills a day for 4 days.. I know.. that’s a lot.. but it was fast and efficient and got the job done!) We have luckily not had to use formula since Henry was 2 months, which is nice for the sake of money, but I am so grateful that formula exists in case we need it again. He eats every 3, 3 1/2 hours for about 15 minutes, which is a miracle to me!!! He used to take over an hour.. it was hard! ha ha He does eat for another 5-10 minutes right before nap time, but really the nursing situation has gotten so much better, which I’m grateful for because yikes, around month #2 I wanted to drop it!

However, he is now far too curious to eat in public- bottle or nursing. I was never good at using a cover and nursing in public, plus he took so long and it was just hard, but now I really can’t do it because he just screams. He wants to play and be apart of whats going on, and having to eat with fun people all around him is apparently the worst. But if I leave the louder room and nurse him in a quiet spot alone, he eats just as usual. And thankfully, since he’s eating faster, I can leave the room now to feed him without missing the entire party by the time he’s done. :)

He still loves to stand, and LOVES his little bouncer. He gets so excited!

 This picture cracks me up because the bouncer makes him look so short!

 Balancing with dad!

He also loves his little “jungle gym,” and has started reaching and grabbing for things on purpose which is so fun!

 It normally doesn't look so tall and weird, I guess I just got it at a weird angle! 

He talks all the time, and his little coo sounds are my absolute favorite. :)

He seems like he is getting closer with rolling over, but I’m not positive! But holding his head up is much easier for him. He has accidentally rolled over quite a few times, and he always looks freaked out like “what on earth just happened?!” Occasionally he’s tried to do it on purpose but he always get stuck half way on his side, which is pretty darn cute. He is really good at scooting around, and if I place him on the floor to play and come back a few minutes later, he’s a foot or two higher than he was. Wiggly henry :)

 He gets really serious when he’s tired, and he easily gets overstimulated if there are too many people or if it’s really loud. He is always very smiley for mom and dad, but gets a little more shy with others. It’s fun that he’s getting older because we can now do some more adventures with him!

like a trip to the park- however henry was not impressed this time around! Maybe when it’s warmer!

We love our Henry boy and are excited to see what new things he’ll learn this month!

Annndddd now a look at his growth over the months:

 Time goes so quickly!