Rosie's Newborn update

I loved doing these growing updates with Henry, so it's fun to start all over with baby girl!

I love getting to see how quickly these little ones grow and change. :) 

Rose is the easiest little thing. She rarely cries, and if she does it's an easy fix. She nurses like a champ and sleeps well throughout the day - we're working on night time :) I still can't believe my sweet girl is here! I love dressing her up in little bows and just smelling her. Newborn babes have the best smell.

These pictures crack me up a bit because it was SUCH a challenge to take any without Hank touching her or trying to get in on the shot. By the end of it all she was so tired and just done. It's an adventure having two under two, but I sure love my big Hank and my little Rosie girl. :) 

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