The Little Things

Sometimes, when I feel like my life is just crazy, I try to find little things to appreciate or look forward to. I've found that these small things can give out great joy, and who doesn't need a little extra joy in their day to day life? Here are some small things I've really appreciated lately that I really want to remember. ❤️


When Henry randomly comes up to me, says "hug!" snuggles me and says "awww."  

When Rosie wakes up in the morning and smiles SO BIG when she sees me.  

When Kyler surprises me with a little treat or a bag of chips from work.

When a dear friend texts me and asks me how I'm doing. 

When Henry says he wants some "shoo soups." (Fruit loops) 

When Rosie has duck lips when she's sleeping. 

When Kyler puts his arm around my waist when we are standing by each other. 

When our "frieghbors" (friends who conveniently happen to be our neighbors) surprise us with dinner.  

When Henry says his prayers and gets the biggest smile on his face when he says "amen!"  

When Rosie stops nursing just to look at me and smile. 

How kindly Kyler always speaks to me, even when he's frustrated or stressed.  

How good it feels to exercise! 

How many ward family members have extended support and love to me during this busy time in my life.  


I feel very blessed to know the people that I do and to have the sweet children and husband that I do. Plus life is always good when we are with God. ❤️ That doesn't mean it's easy or perfect, but it sure makes it easier to weather the storms when we allow Him to be at our side. Feeling incredibly grateful for all that I have right now. 


Her sweet, chubby little face 😍 

Her sweet, chubby little face 😍 

Having a great bedtime chat  

Having a great bedtime chat  

Eating his "shoo soups"  

Eating his "shoo soups"  

What are the little things in your life that bring you great joy?