Pregnancy #3 - 20 Week Update

Well, we're finally half way!



•Fruits and Veggies! 

•Yellow Curry Thai food   (YUM!!) 

•Bagels and cream cheese  

 •This is more of an aversion but sugary sweets make me feel kinda sick after a few bites so I've limited those a ton (which is weird for me because normally I'm alllll about them!) 



•Bigger belly much sooner (and yet somehow not big enough for my maternity pants to stay up yet!)  

•Achey back- crazy to be feeling this kind of ache so early (I normally don't feel it until the third trimester) but it has been in full force over here and has been for the last few weeks . I guess it's just what happens when your body has done this before! Thank goodness for the pregnancy pillow my friend Megan gave me! It's the only way I can sleep at night! 

 •Still happily taking my omeprazole daily for heart burn 

•Pretty tired and super low energy by about 5/6pm  


How I've been feeling: 

For the last week I've felt pretty dang great! I got over a long lasting cold and an even longer lasting yeast infection (sorry if TMI!) and I'm over the head nausea phase and the throwing up phase too, huzzah! All of those other symptoms I mentioned above are minimal in comparison to the morning sickness stuff so they are hardly bothersome overall! Yay! If I felt like this the whole pregnancy I would have 20 babies. ;) 


Fun Facts:  

•I started feeling baby kick at 17 weeks 3 days! That's about when I felt Rose too! I get to feel baby's sweet little kicks every day in the morning and again around  bedtime-  its always really lovely to feel!

• We find out the gender next week on Tuesday! I truly feel excited either way, but have been telling people I'm gunning for a girl. :) (just because girls are so much extra fun when you're a mama!) But I love my Henry boy and would love for him to have a close brother, plus I love seeing the bond between him and Kyler as son and father. So really, either way I'm so excited! 

•Henry is really set on the baby's name being "Nabey." Who knows where it came from?! He tells people that that's the baby's name and will talk about Nabey in my tummy and how he "can't see him yet, will you take him out for me?" Ha ha ha. He's also now decided that baby will be a boy. He says every once in awhile that he's "so excited to see him" and how he is "ready for another tiny baby!" I'm glad you're ready Henry, at least one of us is! 😉

And here's a random picture of my sweet babes!  

And here's a random picture of my sweet babes!