Rosemary's Five month update

My Rose is 5 months old!  


She is just the happiest little girl. She has started thumb sucking this past month which is too precious! I'm sure it'll be hard to wean her off of it but I'll worry about that in like two years. :) It helps her to fall asleep anywhere so I'll take it! 



She is kicking so much and has started to like tummy time more and more. She has rolled over from her tummy to back a few times, but I think they were accidents and not quite intentional yet, but I think she's getting close! She has started grabbing things on purpose and gets so excited when she can hold onto a toy all by herself.


This is hands down my favorite baby stage because she's past the newborn struggles of non consistent sleeping, getting used to nursing and just being that tiny newborn size, but she can't quite move around yet so I'm not stressed chasing her around. :)   

Showing off that precious little bald spot 😂 

Showing off that precious little bald spot 😂 

She is so easy going and only fusses when she's waaayy past her limit, which I try to avoid because it's so heartbreaking hearing her so sad. I try to make extra sure of what time she needs sleep or food because she's so calm and quiet she often won't remind me when she's hungry or tired. (Henry always fussed or cried when it was food or sleep time so I always had a reminder!) Because she's so easy going and patient I feel extra bad when I forget to give her something she needs because I want to her to know that her needs are a priority, and I don't want to make her reach her limit every time. Anyway, it's a good learning experience and a careful balance but I'm so grateful for this girls love and patience as I figure things out. We sure appreciate the sincere joy she brings into our home, and it is such a privilege to have her in our family. ❤️