Rosemary's One Month Update

Rosemary hit her one month mark! I already can't believe how much she's changed. Definitely chubbier and more alert. I think she'll be a chunker like her brother was, she's got some great rolls in their early stages already. :) 

I can't believe what a sweet, easy baby she is, especially because I thought Henry was easy, but she blows him away. Just one content, easy to please little lady! She still eats great but definitely spits up quite a bit. Nothing that's out of the normal for a newborn though. She is also sleeping a bit better at night! She'll go down around 9:30/10pm and sleep until 2 or 3, and then do a 3-4 hours stretch after that. 

She has started giving hints of smiles- at least I think so anyway :) I'm excited to start seeing more smiles and maybe even hearing a coo or two soon! Henry loves her to pieces and she is starting to wince a little less when he's near, so that's good right? :) When I see them together I just die- they are too cute. 

Also let's talk about how this was the fastest month of my life! Time is on warp speed these days, and I'm trying my best to soak in every moment with these precious little ones. 

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