Summertime Madness part 2

Here is our next slew of events from this summer!

In August we got to go to a Bees game with our friends the Ellsworths! That was a total blast, and we always enjoy our time with them. Their little boy Jed is just about 6 weeks older than Henry which is a blast! While there we got to ride the little train because of the kiddos (the babies begged us to take them on it, obviously) and clearly Henry loved meeting the mascot. :) 

Next I got to spend some time with my friend Jess and her baby boy Daniel! Daniel and Henry are just three weeks apart so that's pretty cool too. :) This picture of them cracks me up because it looks like they are sizing each other up and are a little wary of one another. 

One night we took Henry to the free Bean Museum on BYU campus. He wasn't quite at the age where he enjoyed it but it was a fun family night for sure! 

Twas a fun time!