Eli’s Nine Month Update

This has been the fastest 9 months of my life!  


Eli has started army crawling this past week and suddenly my free time has ended ha ha kidding, kind of. But seriously, he’s everywhere and into everything and there’s no such thing as leaving him in one place and finding him there still two minutes later and no floor is ever clean enough. It’s exciting and also stressful! 😂 


He sits up like a champ still, although it just dawned on me yesterday that he still never learned how to roll from his belly to back! Ha ha I guess all in good time eh 


He is just the sweetest babes though (unless he’s teething or sick- see below ha ha.) He kills me. He is calm and smiley and coos all the time and is so easy going. He is a blessing child through and through!  


He has popped two teeth on top now (in addition to the two he has below) and a third (and possibly a fourth) on the top is also starting to swell, so things have been a little crazy because his mouth really hurts. He hasn’t been napping very well and is pretty fussy unless you’re holding him. I mean, I love cuddling him though, although he does pinch the heck out of my face and neck and he weighs a ton ha ha I’ll be quite happy when this teething stage is done though, although despite it all he really is just a sweetie pie. 

Actual footage of him crawling like the cute rascal he is!  

Actual footage of him crawling like the cute rascal he is!