Pregnancy #3 - 28 Week Update

Hello third trimester!

I felt like I had a fairly moderate sized baby bump in my second trimester and then literally the week I hit 27 weeks (which happened to be around Thanksgiving,) this bump just popped even more and I am very much large and in charge and near the end! 

Loving this dress from Kelsey Jean Co! 😍 

Loving this dress from Kelsey Jean Co! 😍 

In previous pregnancies I used to feel so self conscious of my body at this point. This is when I start to retain water in my thighs and face (why hello there double chin 😬) and when I am the most physically uncomfortable. But for some strange reason this time around, I still feel beautiful and really good about how I look! I've just decided to embrace it all, and I'm proud of my body and what I've been accomplishing while growing this little human. I'm just grateful I even get the opportunity to carry this baby, so I'm all about the changes my body is experiencing as I get closer to bringing this sweet boy into the world. If you are pregnant and feeling self conscious about your body, don't! You are facilitating a miracle being created! You are amazing! Okay, stepping off soap box now. :) 


Give me all the cheese 😍

Mashed potatoes and gravy 

Starting to get my sweet tooth back a bit and wanting donuts every day! 

Christmas jammies for the win! Even if they don't quite fit over my belly!  

Christmas jammies for the win! Even if they don't quite fit over my belly!  


Lots of good back pain 

Heart burn still going strong, lately it's been giving me a constant sore throat 

Baby boy kicks 24/7 and I love it

My behind goes numb if I sit for longer than 15 minutes 😂

Feeling like I'm running out of space in my belly- definitely noticing baby boy spending time up in my ribs!

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is the fact that it makes my hair so dang luscious and thick 😂 I usually have thin hair, but right now it's been awesome and full. It's always a sad day when I start to lose it all after the baby is born.

Total lack of energy. I get winded just by going downstairs or talking for more than 10 seconds 😂

How I've been Feeling:

Basically like a 90 year old woman. I call this stage "grandma chelsie" because I think it's a glimpse to how I'll feel when my body is shutting down from old age ha! No energy, super achey body, some insomnia at night but needing a nap every day in order to function, hobbling and waddling like I just had a hip replacement surgery and feeling like I'm dying if I don't get enough sleep. 😂👵🏻 But despite all that, I'm so excited to be getting closer to baby's due date and I am just grateful to be overall very healthy. 

Sorry that all of my bump pictures are in the same spot ha ha ha  

Sorry that all of my bump pictures are in the same spot ha ha ha  

 Fun Facts: 

-I was one of the lucky ladies who experienced kidney stones while pregnant, boo! I'll have to write more details about that in a different post, but apparently you have a higher chance of getting them while pregnant because you are more likely to get dehydrated. I was fortunate to have only had about 36 hours of pain until it passed (some people have it for WEEKS 😬) and our little family was very well taken care of by church members and friends. Overall I consider myself extremely blessed with how everything turned out! Also props to those in the medical profession- you guys are all stars and I'm so thankful for modern medicine. ❤️  Fingers crossed I don't get another one before baby is born! 

-Henry loves to tell people that he's "getting a new baby that's a boy." ❤️  He will push on my tummy and say "hi baby!" and give my belly little hugs and kisses. Rose will copy him and do it too, although she has no clue why they are doing it.:)  It's pretty darn cute. 

-I finally caved and bought a pregnancy band to help with my back pain and when Henry saw it on me he was so confused as to what it was. I explained it helps me carry the baby because it gets heavy for me sometimes and now he'll randomly and oh so sweetly look at me with a concerned expression and say "mama, is baby getting heavy for you? Do you need help holding him?" He is so dang cute! Toddlers can be so hard but also so precious! 

-Rose is all about baby dolls at this age but she's also all about any baby she sees in real life! She coos and smiles at them and tries to hold them and touch them. I think I'll have my work cut out for me trying to keep the little mommy from being all up in baby's grill. :) But I'm excited she seems so excited about them! 

-Kyler is such a sweet heart and on days where I feel like I didn't accomplish anything and just felt grumpy and tired, he'll tell me "well sheesh! Of course you're tired! You probably grew baby a kidney today!" (Or some other random organ or body part.) I'm so grateful for him and his appreciation for women and what we are experiencing while pregnant. ❤️