Happy Birthday Trevor!

Today is my brother Trevor’s birthday! Happy day! I was thinking back on our years growing up together, and here are some of my thoughts about the amazing chap he is.

Trev is the kind of younger brother that you absolutely love to have around. He and I have the same sense of humor, and he is just smart, kind and fun. We are just over 2 years apart, and he has always been a huge part of my life. 

Music was a huge way that we bonded ever since we were little, and it was so fun writing songs together and performing in Battle of the Bands!  Yep that’s right people. This girl was lead singer of a rock band. :) Our first masterpiece we ever wrote together in Elementary school had the lyrics of “Harry Potter is so cool” over and over again, so you know, we were pretty good. Don't worry though, our writing skills were a little better by High School. 

We also loved to make goofy movies together. We would be watching TV, and just randomly one of us would get the idea for a movie and boom. We’d jump up and do it. Now we have ridiculous memories to share forever!

During my senior year of high school, Trevor was a sophomore, and I am SO glad he was there for my last year. My best friend had just graduated and I felt a little lost as to who my true friends were. Trev and I went to lunch pretty much every single day together. Soon I had a crew of sophomores filling up my car every day for our Wendy’s runs, but it was seriously such a blast. 

Any time I dated a boy, I really wanted Trevor’s seal of approval. I wanted to know if he liked them. If he didn’t, that was a big deal to me. Trev knew me better than anyone before I got married. I just admired and respected his opinion so much. Good thing he and Kyler are buds. :) 

I always appreciated that he was my biggest fan and champion. He always believed in me and was always there when I was having a hard time. He constantly picked me up when I felt low and helped remind me what I was worth when I would forget. He always had my back. :)

When I started dating Kyler, our relationship shifted and we weren’t quite as close. It’s hard to keep that level of friendship when someone finds the love of their life. However, since he has been home from his mission, we’ve been able to reconnect and I am proud of the man that he is!

I am forever grateful for this wise brother of mine! Although he's younger I look up to him because he’s taller than me and because he has such a genuine, loving heart. Sure am glad I have always had this kid as my sidekick. Happy birthday Trev!