Eli’s Eleven Month Update

My mind is blown that this baby boy of mine will be One next month! 😱 His first year has flown by much faster than my other kiddos it seems. I feel myself growing more and more sentimental at this stage with each baby I have! 


Eli is starting to be interested in bigger toys and pulls himself up on his knees a lot and loves to climb all over things. His favorite toy is his little table toy that makes fun music and sounds. He likes to walk with help and he can stand by himself for a second or two before he falls. 


He loves to eat eat things off the floor and is definitely my little vacuum cleaner 😅 his favorite thing is to pull garbage out of our little garbage cans in each room and try and eat it’s contents 🤢 I feel like I’m following him around all day trying to keep him from choking on or eating things he shouldn’t 😅


He gives the cutest sloppy kisses (essentially just opening his mouth on my face ha ha) and has unfortunately started biting me a time or two by clamping down on my chin bone or my nose. And he holds that bite like his life depends on it so it’s basically a miracle I don’t have huge blood wounds all over! He has 7 teeth now and seems to be happiest chomping on all the things. 


He has started saying “mama,” especially when he’s sad, but I’ll take it because it’s the cutest. ❤️

He always seems to find chocolate teddy grahams and loves them! Makes a mega mess with them, but he’s obsessed.

Some days his hair seems red, sometimes blonde, but I’m thinking he’ll be more of a strawberry blonde! Rose and I both had blatantly red hair at birth and it was never hard to tell it’s color, so I’m thinking his will be a little different than ours! I’m curious to see how it looks as it grows! He’s finally getting some little wings of hair behind his ears! Ha ha 


He always goes after everything that is forbidden but has the sweetest face and most innocent expression while he does so. He especially loves to sneak over and turn our little robot vacuum on or open up the trash compartment on it. 


He loves being held and is the happiest boy when he has your attention. He loves to climb all over me and my face when I’m exercising if I am laying on my yoga mat which always makes for an interesting time. Ha ha he’s slobbered in my eye too many times to count. 🙅🏼‍♀️


He is just a really good natured, sweet baby over all, and if he’s fussy, it’s an easy fix (usually fixed with food or sleep!) 

Basically he could not have cared less about these pictures and the ones we got took some serious effort and they weren’t even good, but I guess it just accurately shows the fun and busy stage he’s at! 


Can’t believe we’ll be celebrating his first birthday next month! 😱❤️