Pack Easy Lunches

I enjoy packing lunch for Kyler and making sure he has mainly healthy, delicious food to eat during the day. Plus, it saves us money while he is still in school instead of buying lunch every day, because boy does that add up fast! 

Most days, packing his lunch is no problem. But on some days when I am so tired or just wanting to take a break, I often feel like packing a lunch is an inconvenience. Kyler has never ever expected it from me, and I think that's why I still enjoy providing them for him. But, I've come up with some little ways to help make packing his lunch a fast, efficient, and enjoyable process so that even if I'm so tired, it will only take a few minutes. 

My first tip is to open up all of the "lunch items" and take them out of their original packaging. Break them down into separate helpings so they are easy to grab right away. I used this picture in my food organization post, but this picture helps here too. You'll note that the yogurt, peaches etc are all separate on the top row. Also, I separated each string cheese in the middle row basket as well. This way I can grab item quickly instead of having to pull something from the package each time, which can actually be kind of difficult to do at times. 

Then, with things like granola bars, fruit snacks etc, I keep them in the box but rip off the flaps so I can grab them out quickly. I think I mainly rip off the flaps so they still look nice ha ha so if it's not worth it to you, then by all means skip that step, but keep the box opened so you can still grab things easily!  

Then, on days when I am feeling ambitious, typically when I get back from grocery shopping, I pull out snack size bags and fill them with good snack sized portions of whatever I'm dealing with.  Gold fish, grapes, strawberries, carrots, animal crackers.. all that good lunch stuff.  Then it's easy to grab and put into his lunch and yet he's still getting healthy things. This takes about a half hour for two weeks worth of lunches. 

I stick everything that doesn't need to be refrigerated in his lunch bag and leave it on the counter by the back door. I make sure to give him plastic forks/spoons if he needs them. 

I make Kyler PB&J's the night before and stick them in the freezer. I leave him a note that they are in there, he pulls them out the next morning, and by lunch time they have thawed and taste like I just freshly made them. I like doing this because waking up and making the sandwiches before he leaves in the morning is just harder for me to get excited about. :)

I also do that with fridge items. I put them in a certain spot in the fridge that he knows is his "lunch" spot, and I leave a note on the counter and he grabs them in the morning.

I like doing things this way because it's a stress free, easy way for me to provide a service to my husband.