Lake Powell 2015

Lake Powell is one of our most favorite places ever! We weren't able to go last year because I was 8 months pregnant (I had Henry 2 weeks after the trip- that's a little too close for comfort for me!) so needless to say we were ecstatic to be going this year and were grateful to Josiah and Sharla (Kyler's brother and his wife) for inviting us. :) 

We spent the trip boating, tubing, wake boarding, exploring, playing in the sand, swimming, watching movies, and just hanging out. It was a fun trip and we were grateful Henry handled it so well! 

Now for a parade of pictures. :) 

Almost to the lake and getting so excited! It's tradition to always stop and get some ice cream at this gas station. 

Sleepy babies. We took advantage of any naps we could get! 

our cool jumping pictures... 

some swimming! Drews goggles are excellent might I add. :) 

We found some little creatures! One morning I woke up to a scorpion crawling under Kyler's sleeping bag. Luckily we were able to catch it and all was well! It looks a little battered in this cup though. 

The little girls did some fishing, and as you can see in the second picture, they thoroughly enjoyed the creatures they caught. :) 

Henry was loving the sand, so much in fact that he really wanted to eat it. 


We also did some cliff jumping as well! Yes, that would be Kyler back-flipping. (and giving me a heart attack!) I'd also like to note that Kyler was able to land flips while wakeboarding quite a few times this trip as well, which was a pretty exciting accomplishment. :)

And then the babies were being the cutest things ever on top of the house boat so us mama's took a bajillion pictures. :) 

So. Much. Fun. :)