Rosemary's 6 Month Update

Rose girl hit 6 months a couple weeks ago! We made these pictures our Christmas edition :) 


Peaceful, sweet, and cheerful are the best words to describe this beauty! She is such a calming spirit and we love having her in our family.


Rose started solids at 5 months to help her sleep a little better at night. Now she's a pro at eating baby oatmeal and she loves to gnaw on pieces of banana. I also give her those little yogurt melts (broken up into 4 pieces) and she looks so cute sucking on them. I'm hoping to try baby led weaning (look it up! It sounds awesome!) with her in regards to solids but I am waiting for her to get better use of her hands! She still mainly nurses and is getting really fast at it. She takes 3 naps and sleeps from 8pm until about 6:30am and then she'll nurse and sleep some more until anywhere between 8:30-10am. 


She is a thumb sucker still and just loves it. (Don't you fret people, I've done quite a bit of research about thumbsucking and tooth development and it's not a problem for about another two years.) Its nice to have since neither of my kids liked binkies. :) She gets really loud with hilarious squawks when she's tired (usually during RS at church or other places where we're supposed to be quiet- no, the irony is not lost on me :) ) and she loves to blow little raspberries. 


She likes to grab my face when she's nursing and sometimes she likes to pinch hard on my neck. Ouch! She loves grabbing at her little toys and gets so excited when she can reach them. She is always thumping and kicking her little legs- she is just so roly poly adorable!


She still hasn't rolled over yet, but she really is so close! She has started rocking and if you put her on her side she'll roll. She's just so content when on her back or belly and is just starting to get interested in toys etc so I'm thinking this is the month! She really enjoys tummy time now and can hold her head up for 15-20 minutes before getting mad at me for leaving her there. :) 

She can sit up like a little bulldog by herself for about 20 seconds, so we're working on some new skills! 

that sass though! 

that sass though! 

We've just gotten over some crazy colds and this poor little lady has been sick probably 6 times since she's been born. Nothing serious but lots of colds. When she can't breathe well she can't sleep well (and nothing really helps, including humidifiers and Nose Frieda- she just needs comforted more frequently when she wakes up and doesn't feel well) so we've had some long nights in this house the last few months, but now that she's all better we're feeling much better rested! 

Her brother Henry can make her laugh so hard and smile so big, it's so cute. He loves to lay on top of her and tickle her with his hair and give her kisses. Amazingly, she loves it when he squashes her and always smiles so cutely with him. ❤️  

He was tucking her in ("gonna tuck a in Rosie!") and giving her "night night" kisses ❤️

He was tucking her in ("gonna tuck a in Rosie!") and giving her "night night" kisses ❤️

We just love this cheerful girl and are so grateful for her sunny disposition!