Pregnancy #3 - 35 Week Update

So glad we're getting so close to the end!

This mama is over pregnancy. I'm pretty sure I've felt that way for the last 6 ish weeks! Of course it doesn't help that out of the past 4 years I've been pregnant 2 years and 3 months of them (and then nursing the other months!) so I'm very eager to be done and to take a little break! 

Don't let this smile fool you, this mama is done being pregnant ha ha  

Don't let this smile fool you, this mama is done being pregnant ha ha  



Milk! For some weird reason this week I want to drink allllll the milk, and normally I'm not the biggest fan of it. 

Pretty much nothing sounds good but I'm hungry all the time. Riddle me that! 



Back pain

Baby up in my ribs all the time  

Baby kicking me in two places at once, sometimes his kicks are so strong it actually hurts a bit!  

Weird dizziness that hits randomly and I have to lay down for awhile until it goes away 

Body freezing up if I'm in a position for too long, makes it hard to get up and move  

So tired but often can't sleep at night  

Extremely low energy. I am exhausted so easily, like just walking to the bathroom. Where the heck is nesting when I need it?! 

Lots of heartburn 

Occasional migraines   


How I've been feeling:

Basically pretty miserable ha. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant but my body hurts and I'm so, so tired. It's so frustrating to not have control over my body and to not be able to accomplish what I want to in a day. And with the kidney stones, feeling the end-of-pregnancy-pain way sooner than my other two pregnancies and being lucky enough to deal with a chronic yeast infection since I was 12 weeks along, I'm gonna go ahead and say this has definitely been my hardest pregnancy.

I've also been a less than stellar mom these last few months due to all of my symptoms and the crankiness I've let in and I'm just ready to feel normal again. Plus I'm crazy eager to hold this little boy in my arms! I love the newborn stage so very much so I'm holding on to that positive thought to get me through this less than ideal phase of life. 😬 I sure hope this babe comes early like Hank and Rose! (They came just after 38 weeks.) 


Fun facts:

-My kids have gotten very used to my giant bump and love to use it as a pillow for their relaxing pleasure! It's pretty cute. I don't think Rose grasps that baby brother is in there but she's been so sweet and easy going most of the time that she's made this hard time of life for me as easy as she can on her end. ❤️

-We tried to have Henry and Rose get used to sharing a room for when baby comes but that basically is not happening right now. They are just so young (and also too old- I've heard of kids under two sharing with a baby and it working out but we've missed that window!) and don't really have much control over their impulses yet and keep waking each other up. We'll tell Henry he'll get a prize if he stays in his own bed and doesn't bug Rose but his little 3 year old will power crumbles after a half hour or so. Can't blame him since he's so young and is doing the best he can but I sure wish I could magically make them sleep in the same room! A problem I didn't foresee by having 3 kids in 3 1/2 years! 😬 (I also didn't foresee us even having 3 kids in 3 1/2 years in the first place!) 

- I cannot stand to wear pants anymore. My maternity pants cut into my belly funny and they just feel terrible. If I'm wearing them I'm usually super cranky until they are off. I'm all about leggings and dresses these days!

-Kyler and I are really struggling to come up with another good boy name! We love the more old fashioned names (you know, like Henry and Rosemary) but have noticed classic names are coming back a bit so we don't want there to be a million kids with their same name in their classes at school. (I was often Chelsie L. in school and it's just lame dang it!) We've scoured boy name lists online, looked back in both of our family trees and nothing is clicking. Plus any time one of us finds a good one we like the other person doesn't agree -so it's a struggle y'all. If you have any good, classic but not too common boy names, let me know!