Rosemary's First Birthday!


Rose turned one on June 5! What a sweet girl she is! 


She is such a stinkin cutie! Her personality is really starting to show and we just love her so very much!  


At one year Rosie: 

-weighs 19 1/2 lbs

-can army crawl and real crawl

-is starting to pull herself up on things  

-will walk if you hold her hands and propel her forward, but her legs are kinda like jelly which is pretty adorable. (Think of baby Bambi walking when he's first born!)  

-loves to strum her fingers on her bottom lip to make silly sounds


 -is always cooing and blowing raspberries

 -loves her big brother and follows him everywhere 

-will bonk heads with you to show her love (watch out- sometimes it's pretty hard and painful! 

-makes the cutest little smirk faces ever  

-will eat pretty much anything! It's basically amazing. 

-sleeps from 8pm to 8:30/9am  

-has finished nursing (had her birthday breakfast and then twice more randomly the following week and then all done!)  

-gives "kisses" by putting her open mouth on your face  

Does she not look like a little cherub from a Renaissance painting?! Kills me!   

Does she not look like a little cherub from a Renaissance painting?! Kills me!   

 Rosie's favorites: 


-playing with brother

-getting smiled at  

-stone face staring new people while she sizes them up  (she usually does this when she's really tired!) 

-sucking her thumb 

-her bottle of milk at night (starting to transition to solely sippys)  


-sucking on brothers sippys and stealing his snacks



-missing naps or going to bed late (she lets you know asap when she's tired)  

-being left in a room by herself (like if I leave to go to the bathroom or something. It does not fly with her!)  

 -going too long without beind held 


And here are some pictures from her little party! We just celebrated with our little family and it was real simple and sweet. ❤️  

Her face! "There's no joy here."  

Her face! "There's no joy here."  

Bestest pals  

Bestest pals  

She's decided that she likes cake!  

She's decided that she likes cake!