An Ode to my Dad

I wrote this for my dad for fathers day, and although I'm quite late posting it on the blog, I promise he got it on time. :)


To the dad who was always there for me while growing up. 

Listening to my little girl chatter while he fixed up the family cars on his Saturday's off. 

Who waved back as I energetically expressed my own goodbye to him from the front door as he headed off to work. 

Holding my hand as we walked back to our car after watching a fun movie in a fun location. 

Playing favorite songs from the TV speakers in the morning on weekends and filling our home with melodies and lyrics that we all loved together. 

Working hard and never taking the easy way out, despite major stresses, lack of sleep and a constant stream of obligation and responsibilities. 

Rushing, after a long day of work, to be there at all of my many choir and piano performances and other important church or school events, always looking back at me from the audience and, afterwards, expressing how proud he was of my hard work and bravery. 

Trying again and again to win the favor of the moody teenage girl who was trying hard to figure out who she was and how she felt about things, never pushing too hard but consistently showing a desire to be closer to her.

 Showing time and time again a deep love for God and His children as he served them and prayed for them and worried about them. 

Giving guidance that came from just wanting the best for his little girl, despite eye rolls and fear and frustrations. 

Driving long distances to bring something that was forgotten. Never complaining about it, just doing it because that's the kind of father he was. 

Watching his youngest daughter becoming an adult and finding her prince and feeling like he's losing her just as he was finally finding her.

Hoping he had taught her well and had done all that he could to help her become the type of person that would be kind, and work hard, and focus on Christ, and to try again and again to improve when shown weaknesses.  

And in my entirely biased opinion, I think he nailed it, and set his kids off with the best foundation they could need to tackle the chaos of this world. None of us are perfect, but I think he did a perfect job at trying his best and pointing all of us kids in the right direction. 

Now he's the sweetest Papa, always ready to snuggle his grand babies and show them videos of monster trucks and puppies. Always there to tell the exhausted parents that they are doing a good job. Offering his help and love and baby sitting abilities when he can. 

Dad, you were and are the best father I could have hoped for, and I'm constantly thankful for your example and love that has helped shape me into who I am today. Happy Father's Day! You are so loved. 

Thank you for always being there. 💙

1992  July       Chelsie is 3 months old..jpg
1996             Daddy, 31, and Chelsie, 4..jpg
1996  April    Chelsie's 4th birthday party with her friends..jpg
1998  June    Trevor, almost 4, Daddy, 33, and Chelsie, 6, holding a very wiggly fish!!.jpg
2000  May    Daddy, 35, and Chelsie, 8,  ready for Chelsie's baptism!.jpg
2002  March    Dad, 37, and Chelsie, 9, at Chelsie's 4th grade fieldtrip..jpg
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2010  May          Our trip to Salt Lake City! (67).JPG
Sneakily filling my car up with gas but I caught him ❤️ 

Sneakily filling my car up with gas but I caught him ❤️ 

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