Henry's Five Month Update

Henry is 5 months!


We don’t have a doctor appointment this month, but when we weigh him on our scale he seems to be around 16 pounds. He is still our little chubbs.

He is getting so close to rolling over. I will set him down on his belly, walk away for a few minutes, and when I come back he is on his back with a funny confused look on his face ha ha. I think his rolling over is more accidental than on purpose at this stage, but I think he is getting close which is really fun. :)

an action shot- rolling in progress! 

an action shot- rolling in progress! 

He loves his bouncer and is getting really good at bouncing the right way.

We can’t tell if he’s teething, but he definitely drools more and gnaws on things a lot, even more than he did before which I didn’t think was possible!

He is finding his feet and toes which is so cute!

If we try and put him in his car seat, swing, or bumbo he will arch his back and try his hardest to avoid being put there.

He really hates his car seat. When we go somewhere further away than 15 minutes, he becomes livid and will literally scream until he gets out of the seat. There have been times driving to Layton or to pick Kyler up from work where he screams the whole time and I’m stuck in traffic and can’t really do a thing about it. It’s awful, so we have limited our driving lately.

He still sleeps really well. During the day he takes 3 naps and totals about 4-5 hours of sleep. We put him to bed around 8 or 8:30pm. He has been waking up around 5:30 or 6:30 and is ready to start the day, so that’s been a little tricky, but after an hour or so I can get him to sleep again for another hour or two. We are blessed with a great sleeper.

He is starting to get more hair on top of his head! I am very excited about it. :) No more old-man hairdo.

He is just a happy baby and I love getting to be his mama! 

Click on the picture below for more to come. They have a funny spectrum of Henry's willingness to be photographed at the beginning of the session, and then his utter boredom toward the end. :)