Eli's Three Month Update

We have survived the 4th trimester, huzzah!


This boy is sleeping so well! After all of those late night cluster feedings from 8pm-1am every night for pretty much his first two months, he has started doing 8-10 hour stretches and is usually down for the night around 8:30/9pm. 🙌🏻  He is also pretty good at going right back to bed after one feeding so I'm able to get pretty good sleep at night finally! Life is looking bright again ha ha  


Although he is still a spituppy baby I've noticed I'm having to do a little less laundry throughout the week so it's getting a bit better!  


He's liking tummy time a little better but once we hit about 2-3 minutes he is over it and let's me know it ha ha he has rolled over by accident a couple of times while on his tummy but I'm pretty sure it hasn't been real yet. I'm kind of okay if he takes awhile to roll and crawl and walk like Rosie did! Less time spent chasing him around. 😅


He is definitely still a chunkamonga! I tried to weigh him by weighing myself on our home scale first and then weighing again while holding him and I know that's not the most accurate way but it sure looked like he weighs around 15/16 lbs! I'm excited to see what he weighs at the doctor when he's 4 months! 


He has started to seem a little less worried about being near Henry (big brother has been working on talking quietly by him so that helps ha ha) but he still seems a little nervous around sweet Rose! She's got a lot of loud love to give him and sometimes gets a little too close for his comfort but she is pretty sweet to him ha ha she loves to say "hi" right in his face while smiling at him so big and she loves to give him kisses on his head. ❤️


He is super smiley and coos so much these days and it just makes my heart melt. So grateful for this sweet babe. He really came to our family just when he was supposed to. ❤️