Henry's Fourth Birthday

Can’t believe my Henry boy is 4!


Henry is so much fun! He is super smart, very friendly and very confident around people. He has been so excited for his birthday all year long and was all smiles all day.

I made him a spiderman cake and a captain america cake and they didn’t quite turn out as well as I’d hoped dang it! They looked okay from the top but pretty meh every where else but honestly, it’s okay, you win some you lose some ha ha

Henry’s gifts were some new clothes and boots, a spiderman necklace (“so I can turn into Spiderman mom!”, some new additions to his train set, a baseball mitt and some baseballs, a robe, a new helment, a cute little puzzle set and a new big boy Avengers bike. He was so excited, especially for his bike, and was a happy boy.

We woke him up singing happy birthday and throwing balloons in his room and he got to eat his favorite breakfast of Fruit Loop cereal! We then played at a McDonalds Play place later in the morning with some of his cousins, got some lunch and then he went to preschool. After daddy got home we had dinner, opened gifts, had cake, Henry rode his new bike for a bit and then we watched a spiderman cartoon together. He is already counting down the days to his next birthday ha ha. Love this big boy!