Henry's Seven Month Update

Say what? We have passed our half way mark and this little guy is getting cuter every day!

Pardon my semi fuzzy pictures! My camera isn't working so these are from my phone. :) 

He is just looking like such a big boy to me lately. Seriously, it seems like all of a sudden this past week he just isn't my little baby anymore. He is learning so many fun new things!

He sits up by himself without toppling over 98% of the time. He is starting to show signs of crawling. (he'll push himself forward a few inches and then get tired and revert to rolling around) 

Please note the funny little bum crack above his pants! I swear he has a diaper on, but occassionally a little crack shows through! :) 

Please note the funny little bum crack above his pants! I swear he has a diaper on, but occassionally a little crack shows through! :) 

He eats solids like a pro, and by that I mean SO quickly! Seriously I can toast bread and he's done eating before it pop ups! Right now he is seems to like rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, squash, peas, and carrots. We tried green beans and applesauce and we just weren't big fans of those quite yet. :) He still nurses 3 times a day (with solids in between) and then dad feeds him a bottle before bedtime. I love that I can pump and Kyler is able to take a turn in feeding the baby. I think it is such a special bonding time for them. He has become the speediest little nurser as well and takes under 10 minutes. (hallelujah!) 

We have also been trying out puffs, and he is a crack up while he chews those. It's just different eating crunchy things. :) 

Puff chewin' face 

Puff chewin' face 

He loves to do this funny thing we call flying practice. Kyler will hold his legs, and Henry will stick out straight until his tummy gets tired. It's adorable and he loves it. He probably has a baby six pack now under all of his chubs. 

He still hates his car seat. We went on a trip to Moab and then a few weeks later went to St. George. Henry had a strict "I will only sleep for 40 minutes while in the car" policy so he was awake and stuck in his chair for the majority of the time, which has increased his hatred for it. It was doable for the trips because we had the van and one of us could easily sit by him to keep him happy for most of the time. However if I drive any more than 10 minutes by myself he is livid so I still don't really go too far these days. 

He had a little bit of a sleep regression last month and would wake up once or twice at night. Now he is back to rarely waking up once which is nice. We have been trying to break the habit of swaddling his arms and so far he has done 2 days of great naps without it. We will soon attempt it at nighttime, and hopefully it won't cause problems!

He has always been a happy baby, (although shy around other people) but lately he is extra giggly and smiley! I love it. He is constantly looking at me and when I look back he literally springs with joy. I love my little Henry. 

Love our cutie boy!