Something New

Well, about a month ago something came over me. I kept having this nagging feeling that I needed to cut my hair. There were oodles of split ends, and I just didn't think my hair looked very healthy.

However, I was petrified to actually cut it. I hadn't had short hair since I was in Elementary school. I know perfectly well that I look best with long hair. I just do. And I LOVE having long hair. I think it's so easy to maintain and it's easy to make it look good without doing a whole lot. So... I really didn't want to cut it. But I just kept feeling like I needed to do it. I wanted healthy hair! I was stewing about it for awhile, and noticing every girl with cute, short hair. It's like they were stalking me. I even had dreams about it people! I asked Kyler (who also loves my long hair) if he'd be okay if I chopped it, and he said he would be happy if I was happy and to do what I wanted to do. Well, that sealed the deal.

One Wednesday morning after Henry went down for a nap, I was looking at my hair in the mirror and trying to picture what it would look like shorter and then all of a sudden, something came over me, I grabbed my scissors, and boom. Short hair.  And yep, I cut it myself.  (I know I know, I'm a hairdresser's worst nightmare. :) ) 

It only took minutes to cut it up to my collar bone, but it took a few hours (yep, hours) to actually make it even and look good. Don't worry, I realize I could have gone to a hair salon and had it done in less than an hour, but I guess I wanted to finish what I had started. I didn't want to find a sitter for Henry and I kinda wanted to be able to say that I cut it myself. For some reason I have never been too worried about my hair. Of course it isn't perfect, although I tried my darndest, but I think for doing it myself, it turned out pretty well!  Henry seems to like it, Kyler likes it, and most importantly I like it, so I am feeling pretty good about things. :)

Do I miss my long hair? Um... of course! :) You can't have long hair for 14 years and not miss it. Do I like my short hair? Yeah, I really do. I think it's fun and perfect for summer and now Henry can't yank it. :) Will I cut it short in the future? Probably only if I have to in order to keep it healthy. Or in another 14 years. Or maybe in 5. I don't know. :)  Like I said before, I'm a girl who loves her long hair, but I may or may not switch it up every once in a while.  

It's funny that something so simple like cutting your hair can make you feel crazy and excited and scared. I'm excited for my hair to grow in healthier and I am excited for it to be long again. But I also really love how it's looking these days too. And besides, even if I didn't, there's no point in crying over cut hair. :) 


My New Home


This is really exciting for me!

I remember starting my very first blog when I was around 11 or 12. I didn't really know what I was doing and wrote about 2 posts. I think I actually ended up forgetting my username, password, and the title of my blog. Oops. 

Then, years down the road my husband Kyler and I spent a summer in Argentina for a legal internship he had during law school. When we came back I wanted a way to share what I had learned from that experience. Many family members had blogs, so I decided I would give it a try again. That was in August 2013, and I realized that I loved blogging. My husband teased me and said "oh sheesh, we'll see if you stick with it for more than a month," because he never did with his blogs. Well, here we are a year and a half later and I just can't stop! (take that Kyler!:) )

When I made my blog that August, Kyler and I decided to make it private, so that people would need to be invited to view it. Little did I know that when you have a private blog, you run into about a billion problems. These blog sites are like "sure, have your blog private, but that kind of annoys us so we'll make it really difficult for you, okay?" I had various problems at different websites and then in April 2014 I switched to Wordpress. All went well there until I used up all of the free memory Wordpress allotted me. Gah! I was feeling frustrated with hitting so many walls. All I wanted to do was blog!!!

Well, Kyler and I talked about it and decided to buy a website and develop an online presence that reflects who we are. We want to share the things we’ve learned, while publishing positive, helpful content. Now, I have a lot more freedom to do what I'd like to and I'm really excited about it!

For those who have been following my previous blog, this new place at Shmuv will be a little different. I will still post updates about my life and you will absolutely still get my opinion posts (because who are we kidding, I can't keep that stuff to myself!) but I also want to share recipes I love, or crafts that I've done. You might see me re-post from the past as well. My main goal is to publish content that actually helps people, so if I write a post or share something that helped you, please share it, pin it on Pinterest and/or comment on it. This will help me know if I’m headed in the right direction!  

And with all of that "housekeeping" out of the way, I finally welcome you to my new home. :) 

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