Eli's Two Month Update

This boy is too much. ❤️


He is definitely my biggest baby thus far and is in size 3 diapers and size 3-6 months clothes already. He has started smiling and cooing a bit and I love it so much!  


He's sleeping a little bit longer stretches at night, like 5-6 hours, but has a hard time letting me put him to bed before midnight. Naps are sometimes a struggle during the day at times but overall he's doing well!


He's definitely a spit-upper like my first two but a little extra laundry never killed anybody. (Or so they tell me 😅)


His daddy has been feeding him a bottle in the morning so I can get a little extra sleep and it's been lovely! I just pump when I wake up before I nurse him and luckily he takes a bottle and still nurses just fine! We use Dr Browns bottles and they've been great.  


Rosie and Henry are still quite obsessed with him but I am too so I can't blame them! He has caught one cold thus far thanks to big sis being so good at sharing ;) but thankfully it wasn't too crazy.  ❤️


Love him to pieces 💙💙