Happy Birthday Laiken!

Today is my sister's birthday!

Laiken and I are 3 1/2 years apart. I always wanted to be just like her!

She is beautiful and kind and always tries to do the right thing. As little girls we would play Barbie's and School and House together. I was always envious of the way she dressed and did her hair. Many a fellow had a crush on her, and yet Laiken always stayed grounded and humble. I loved asking her for advice, and I was always excited when she took me to High School games with her when she was a Student Body Officer. 

While in our teen years it always seemed like we were in different worlds for awhile. As soon as I started Junior High, she was in High School. When I was in High school, she was in College. My first semester of College was her last, and it was fun to take a class together. We would often have lunch together afterwards and I cherished that time with my sister. 


It has been so fun since we have married and had our sons, because our worlds were finally on the same page. Our relationship has strengthened and we have had more opportunities to lean on one another as we go through similar experiences. She is still one of my favorite people to ask advice and I am always so impressed with the creative and smart mama, wife, and homemaker that she is. She has always had a knack with children, and her son is very lucky boy to have such a purposeful and thoughtful mother. 

I love my sister very much and am so grateful that I have always had her example to look up to! Happy birthday Laik, I love you! I hope it's a wonderful day! 

I'm laughing at this picture of our chubby pregnant selves eating ice cream. :)