Something New

Well, about a month ago something came over me. I kept having this nagging feeling that I needed to cut my hair. There were oodles of split ends, and I just didn't think my hair looked very healthy.

However, I was petrified to actually cut it. I hadn't had short hair since I was in Elementary school. I know perfectly well that I look best with long hair. I just do. And I LOVE having long hair. I think it's so easy to maintain and it's easy to make it look good without doing a whole lot. So... I really didn't want to cut it. But I just kept feeling like I needed to do it. I wanted healthy hair! I was stewing about it for awhile, and noticing every girl with cute, short hair. It's like they were stalking me. I even had dreams about it people! I asked Kyler (who also loves my long hair) if he'd be okay if I chopped it, and he said he would be happy if I was happy and to do what I wanted to do. Well, that sealed the deal.

One Wednesday morning after Henry went down for a nap, I was looking at my hair in the mirror and trying to picture what it would look like shorter and then all of a sudden, something came over me, I grabbed my scissors, and boom. Short hair.  And yep, I cut it myself.  (I know I know, I'm a hairdresser's worst nightmare. :) ) 

It only took minutes to cut it up to my collar bone, but it took a few hours (yep, hours) to actually make it even and look good. Don't worry, I realize I could have gone to a hair salon and had it done in less than an hour, but I guess I wanted to finish what I had started. I didn't want to find a sitter for Henry and I kinda wanted to be able to say that I cut it myself. For some reason I have never been too worried about my hair. Of course it isn't perfect, although I tried my darndest, but I think for doing it myself, it turned out pretty well!  Henry seems to like it, Kyler likes it, and most importantly I like it, so I am feeling pretty good about things. :)

Do I miss my long hair? Um... of course! :) You can't have long hair for 14 years and not miss it. Do I like my short hair? Yeah, I really do. I think it's fun and perfect for summer and now Henry can't yank it. :) Will I cut it short in the future? Probably only if I have to in order to keep it healthy. Or in another 14 years. Or maybe in 5. I don't know. :)  Like I said before, I'm a girl who loves her long hair, but I may or may not switch it up every once in a while.  

It's funny that something so simple like cutting your hair can make you feel crazy and excited and scared. I'm excited for my hair to grow in healthier and I am excited for it to be long again. But I also really love how it's looking these days too. And besides, even if I didn't, there's no point in crying over cut hair. :) 


How to Avoid Having a Frizzy Hair Day

I don't profess to be someone who knows a ton about beauty tips, in fact, I know next to nothing. However, I do know how to avoid having some crazy frizzy hair! I don't know what it is about thin hair, but I sure seem to have frizz like crazy on certain days, particularly when I let my hair air dry. 

can you feel her pain? I know I've looked like this at times. :) 

can you feel her pain? I know I've looked like this at times. :) 

It drives me nuts and I just don't love how it looks. However,  something my mom heard about a few years ago has completely saved my bad frizzy hair days in a matter of seconds! So what is this magical thing? Well, I'll tell you. It's olive oil. 

Any kind of olive oil will do the trick. I've tried both light and regular, and haven't noticed a difference. I didn't buy this brand on purpose either, so don't think it has to be this kind to work. :) 

Any kind of olive oil will do the trick. I've tried both light and regular, and haven't noticed a difference. I didn't buy this brand on purpose either, so don't think it has to be this kind to work. :) 

Apparently olive oil can do some pretty great things, but what I think is still a bit of secret is that just a tiny bit put on dry hair can completely calm your frizz. 

You will want to do this on dry hair, and you have to be so careful to not put too much on your hair or else you will look like one greasey haired lady. (especially if you have thinner hair like me!) The trick is to only put a tiny bit on your hands first, about the size of a dime (or even less. we're talking like hardly any.) Rub both hands together. Your palms should be slightly wet and shiny. Then, lightly run them over your hair. Don't press too firmly. If you've used too much, you will definitely notice right away. You will want to be most careful around your bangs, because those get greasy faster on their own anyway. I'm not trying to scare you, just making sure you have all the facts. :) It works so well it's worth it, I promise! 

I typically only put it on my hair once. I occasionally will use it twice if the frizz is harder to control. Make sure you check the expiration date as well, because otherwise you'll smell a little funny. :) 

There you have it. Olive oil is a life saver for me and my frizz. It's fast, easy, and makes your hair look awesome and shiny. I highly reccomend it. :) 

(For the record, I buy a separate olive oil for hair than the one I use for cooking, but the choice is yours!) 

Also- Bonus tip! (thanks Kate for reminding me!) 

Coconut oil works wonders for frizzy hair as well. I specifically use the product below for fly-always, and it's awesome. It also lasts for like ever. :) You can buy it here. 

I hope this helps chase your bad frizzy hair days away. :)