On a Budget - New Blog Series

Hello there- 

I'm feeling pretty excited about a new blog series I'll being doing here on Shmuv called "On a Budget." 🎉


Im going to share products, tips and ideas on how to stay within a budget while still getting cute, fun, good quality products and services without breaking the bank or spending way over what you wanted to each month. 

Believe me, I have kicked and screamed plenty of times over having to stick within a budget. It often feels less convenient, it makes it harder to wait to buy things you really like (especially if they are discounted for a short period of time but you've already spent your budget for the month 😩) and it sometimes doesn't seem realistic to stay under a certain amount each month.

But did you know that money issues and arguments is in the top 3 reasons couples divorce?* Kinda scary how high it is! And the percentage between how many couples divorce over infidelity issues vs money issues was only a 6% difference. Suddenly it makes agreeing on a budget together seem quite a bit more serious. 

After 5 years of my kicking and screaming and trying and failing again and again and AGAIN with budgets, I'm here to tell you that you can do it, and NOTHING else will save you more money than budgeting will.  

You could make a million dollars but if you have unrestrained spending habits and no limitations, you could blow that money so easily. Too many times I have said "oh this is only $10, it won't hurt to go a little over this month." And then a few days later I spend another $10, and then $5 here and there, and before I know it I've gone $100 over. It's HARD!! 

I'm certainly no professional but after (almost) 5 years of marriage to a man who is the thriftiest, most money savvy person I know (also known as a major cheapskate 😉) I have stopped the kicking and screaming, and have finally figured out how to stay within a budget month after month. It becomes addicting, and the results have been amazing. It has helped us pay down debts (or avoid them entirely- we were able to finish two graduate degrees and a bachelors without any school debt- around $80,000 worth.), save for things we've really wanted, and still treat ourselves to eating out, family adventures and shopping sprees while having the comfort of knowing we were still within our budgets and therefore still saving money each month. 

And with that long intro, I want to add that I'm really excited about this. :) I am not a natural born money saver and budget-stayer-inner, but I've been able to work on it and find a balance that works well for my husband and I. It's been awesome, and I'm eager to help others! 


*   https://institutedfa.com/Leading-Causes-Divorce

Save those $$s people! 😉 

Save those $$s people! 😉