Henry Shenanigans Part 1

Since Henry  has mastered rolling around, he is quite the mobile baby. He also does this funny backwards scoot when he's on his back. Within a few minutes he can be clear across the room! When he is awake he is rarely out of my sight, but sometimes a mama needs to use the little ladies room or happens to turn her back for one minute, and boy the surprises I have been finding so far when I return. I thought it'd be fun to start documenting the shenanigans I find this little boy in because he is so funny and so completely adorable.   

Part 1 focuses on Henry's toy "jungle gyms" and his uncanny ability to destroy them in minutes. 

Exhibit A- Here we have a darling little boy playing with his jungle gym. Mom goes to the bathroom and two minutes later she finds.... 

Not only did he flip it over, but he pulled out my cords that are tucked under the bed. Some how he manages to do these kinds of things without making a peep! Speedy little trouble maker. :) Look at that cute face! 

Next we have Exhibit B. Henry playing with his smaller jungle gym. (note, this picture was taken on a different day. I'm just displaying how it should look. :) ) 

And then here are the creative ways in which Henry has demolished it. 

Oh this cute boy. 

More shenanigans to come in the future. :)