Summer Time Madness part 1

Guys, I can't believe it's August. 

This Summer has been flying by and it has been such a blast! I have been well pleased with how many fun things Kyler and I have been doing. It's been a huge contrast with last summer when I was huge pregnant and tired and he was working more hours at his internship. We have been sufficiently busy (hence the long absence from blogging!) and I am very much looking forward to a rest from the craziness soon, but for now we are soaking it all in! I'm going to try and summarize a few of our random escapades so far. :) 

Summer fun #1: 

We got Henry a tiny baby pool and we love it. I love watching him splash away. :) He also clearly loves his rubber ducky. 

Summer fun #2: 

We've gone to quite a few parks as a family which has been so fun! Here are a bunch of pictures from those escapades: 

Summer fun #3: 

We spent a night at Kyler's mom and step dad's cabin in Woodland Hills. It was beautiful up there! This was my favorite moment: 

Our little niece Bentley turned one! We went to a little man made pond and had some fun swimming! Henry got to play with (and eat) sand for the first time! 

Summer fun #4:

Next we went to the Manti Pageant! We enjoyed the atmosphere and the beautiful setting. The next day we took a dip in one of our favorite ponds. The last shot from this trip is my attempt at a family picture while still out of the water. :) 

Phew! We made it. The rest of our summer will have their own blog posts so get ready for those! It's been a crazy few months but its also been so grand. :)