Kyler's Graduation

My handsome husband Kyler got to walk for graduation a few weeks ago. 

He still has one semester left and will officially graduate this December, but it was so fun to see him walk with his friends that did officially graduate and celebrate all of his hard work so far. We had a great photo shoot afterwards. :) 

He is getting his JD-MBA, which is a joint Law and Business degree. Typically, a Law degree takes 3 years, and a business degree takes 2, but he will be getting both in 3 1/2! Pretty darn impressive if I do say so myself. :) 

He is such an amazing student and gets awesome grades. He is naturally as smart as they come, but he also works so hard and puts forth a lot of time and effort into studying. He is just the best. 

His brother Drew graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in Accountancy. He did a joint program and graduated with both degrees in 5 years, instead of the 6 or 7 it could take! These McCarty's just have great genes. :) 

These boys are great friends and we are so proud of them both!

Our friend Dave Ellsworth graduated as well, and it was so fun to see him and Mistie and their adorable baby Jed again since they moved to California a few months ago. We love them! 

After ceremonies were over, we had a little celebration at our home the following Saturday that my sister in law Rachel and I planned together. I got a little excited and planned a lot of fun decorations.  Rach did an awesome job getting things together and making sure we had food and help! She is a great organizer. :) Please note the precious pictures of these brothers as little boys below!

Also at the party we had about one million babies. It was hard to get a lot of good pictures because most of the little ones were pretty mobile, but here is a picture of  my provo-ward friends and I with our precious little ones. :)

Henry and I  , Jess and Daniel, Mistie and Jed, and Nique and Brooklyn. Grateful for them! 

Henry and I, Jess and Daniel, Mistie and Jed, and Nique and Brooklyn. Grateful for them! 

Also we managed to get a good shot of Henry with his cousin Axel. They are a month apart! They were being so cute together, and this picture cracked me up because they are literally making the same face. Cute boys! 

Such a fun weekend! So proud of my (almost official) graduate! :)