Nursery Mobiles Part 2

This is a mobile I created to hang over Henry's diaper changing table! Now that the babe is a rolling machine, I wanted to make sure there was something he could look at to distract him so I wasn't constantly worried he would pop right off the table. (of course I still watch him when he is up there, the extra distraction just makes my job a little easier. :) )  Henry LOVES his, and is seriously glued to it almost the entire time I am changing his diaper. 

You will need: 

A sturdy, thin stick/branch from a tree


cardstock paper, as many colors as you want

a glue gun


a thumb tack

I started by cutting out my little "leaves." I just winged it on each one and didn't use a template. 

Once I cut them out, I cut out different lengths of yarn for each "leaf." (although they were close in length for the most part) I then hot glued the yarn at the tip of the leaves. (you could probably also use double sided tape and just put two leaves sandwiched together over the yarn. Since I didn't cut my leaves with a template, I didn't want to put forth the effort to make the front and back leaves match each other. :) )  

Once each leaf was glued, I tied them to the stick in the places I wanted. I then tied a piece of yarn in the middle-ish where the weight would be evenly distributed so the stick would lay straight when it was hanging. 

Next I used a thumb tack to stick it up in the ceiling above the changing table. Make sure it's high enough so the babe can't reach it. :) Also, keep it far enough away from the wall so it can spin in a circle without hitting it. 

There you go!