Southern Utah Trip

After Kyler walked for graduation, we had a week of freedom before he got to go back to his internship in Salt Lake full time. I was really excited about this because he is always so busy in the summer, and it was fun to start the season out right with some quality time with my boys. 

First we had cool plans of flying to California and going on some amazing back packing hike! But... we didn't buy tickets in time, nor did we feel like driving 12 or so hours with Mister Henry, so that idea fizzled out... :) 

Then we thought it would be fun to take it slow and easy and go to St George! I found a bunch of free camping sites online along the way to St George, and we had a great time traveling about 2 hours each day and then stopping and making camp. Traveling at that pace worked best with the baby boy who only believes in sleeping 40 minutes total in the car. It kept us both from feeling stressed and we were able to just enjoy our time. 

We first camped in Parowan at a free campsite next to their famous Petroglyphs! That was a fun little view. 

That camp site was so fun because we were literally the only humans there. It was much prettier in person too. :) 

The next morning we cleaned up and finished the drive to St George! We met up with Kyler's mission president and his wife for lunch at Cafe Rio! We love President and Hermana Wade, and have been so grateful for their love and example of a strong marriage rooted in the Gospel. They are so great! 

Then we spent the night at a Condo that Kyler's dad and step mom have points for, which was fancy and nice after camping! We took Henry swimming and he enjoyed it much more than his first time (on our anniversary. The pool was fairly cold so I think that's why!) He is such a cute boy!

The next day we explored St George and then attempted to go see Zion's National Park! It was $25 to get in (we were thinking it would be $10 like Arches) and their campsites were full, and we felt like it wasn't worth paying that much for only a day trip, so we instead headed back towards Provo and found a camping spot between Zion's and the Freeway. One day we will finally make it to Zion's! 

The next morning we took it slow, and then made our way to Cove Fort! Kyler had been wanting to visit there for awhile, so it worked out perfectly. It was a fun little place to explore and walk around. We grabbed some lunch at Subway and then headed back home. 

Such a fun trip with my fellows. :) 

Also I just realized I hardly put any pictures with me on here. I swear I was there too! :) See look, there's my feet.