Eli's Ten Month Update

My darling little boy, he is growing so quickly and changing so much!


This boy crawls everywhere now. And he is so fast. It stresses me out a little bit because he’s silent and quick and I have to make sure I’m always right by him so he doesn’t get himself into trouble! I swear, little boy babies always seem determined to die or something. He has fallen down a couple of stairs already but thankfully I was right there and caught him asap, but now I’m extra on edge about it all. Poor baby!


He has started holding up his own bottle now, huzzah! I had so hoped it would happen sooner than this but oh well, ha ha we made it through! Sometimes he’s still a little lazy but for the most part, he’s good at gobbling down his bottle on his own now!

He has 5 of the cutest little teethies ever.


He is such a good eater! He eats so many things now- pretty much everything we eat except for super hard things like nuts and no peanut butter or honey yet of course. He is game to eat pretty much anything though. I think his favorites are bread, pasta, and banana!


His naps have been tough for us the last 2 months. Some days he’ll sleep great both naps and other days he’ll do a super short nap and then a good long one, or both naps will be terrible. ha ha it’s like a guessing game, you just never know what kind of day you’ll get to have with Eli! ;) I guess I shouldn’t complain too much though because he does sleep wonderfully at night.


He is so funny in his walker, and its been so fun to see how his big brother and sister play with him when he’s in it. They love to push and scoot him around in it and then have Eli chase them. It’s adorable. I can’t wait to see how they all interact with each other as they grow. Henry is so sweet and caring with him, whereas Rose is hot or cold with him still ha ha she does NOT like him touching her or her toys, but occasionally she’ll show him some love. :) The big kids also get very stressed if they see someone holding Eli and then walking away, They are always so nervous he will be taken from them, the little cuties! Already so protective.


He says dada a ton still and growls a lot, and sometimes he’ll throw in a “maaaa” so I think mama is coming up soon!

He likes to walk around if we are holding both of his hands and he loves to stand up against furniture. He still needs a lot of supervision and falls over a lot, but he’s dying to climb onto things so we’ll see how long it takes until he does it all on his own!


He is so very snuggly, and seems to bond best with people who let him get close to their face! But it’s also a risk because he loves to stick his fingers in peoples eyes, noses and ears ha ha ha he is such a sweet giggly little bub and I love getting to hold him close.

He seems to be happiest with 100% eye contact, or being held, or eating some type of food. ha ha