Henry's One Month Update

Little Henry Joseph is growing up! This past Saturday was his one month birthday. :)

Baby boy has passed 8 lbs in weight and is now 21 inches long- he’s just growing like crazy!

Maybe I’m nuts but there have been certain days where I’ll hold him or look at him and he just looks older, bigger, and less like a newborn. ha ha yay for cute growing babies. :)

This month has been filled with adventures- let me tell you about some of them:

Henry had a fever and we made a trip to the emergency room

I have been sick TWICE since this baby came into the world, plus I was just getting over a cold when he was born. Forget fall babies being sick frequently, it’s the fall mama’s that have it hard! ha ha just kidding, but really, I think the lack of sleep just made my immune system WEAK.

Henry has had TWO growth spurt eating periods. One when he was around 11/12  days old and then again this past week on days 24-26. Growth spurts are really hard I think, especially right at the beginning because you don’t see it coming, and then all of a sudden you have to feed your baby for three hours straight at 1 in the morning, or after a good feeding they still act ravenous and you think your milk supply has decreased. The second and third days of growth spurts were easier because I knew what to expect. I also didn’t even realize that babies HAD growth spurts- which is funny to think about now because why wouldn’t they??

Henry can eat with a bottle. We introduced a bottle of pumped breast milk just after 3 weeks old, and luckily it went well. Kyler has been a super hero and has gotten up with Henry at night for a few nights this past week since I’ve been so sick so I could try and catch up on sleep. It’s a blessing that Henry can eat with a bottle and still does well with nursing.

We’ve gotten better at nursing. I’m sure we’ll have more bumps and bruises along the way, but now I no longer feel any pain, and Henry gets through an entire feeding without any crying or frustration- yay! He is such a cute little eating champ, and we often refer to him as our tiny baby predator because when he’s hungry he uses all sorts of growls and snapping mouth/rooting motions that are adorably hilarious!

We’ve been trying out cloth diapers. Kyler’s mom bought us our first pack! We actually super like them and want to buy more, but the company’s website is wack and won’t let us at this point. The only part I don’t love about the cloth diapers right now it that they are HUGE on my tiny baby. ha ha we got the one size fits all. One size only fits all if you are just massively large. :) ha ha but oh well, who are we trying to impress? We have to fold them funny- I’ll tell ya he looks hilariously adorable in them. Big bum where ya from??

We moved Henry into his nursery! Maybe you think we’re nuts for doing it so soon (around 3 1/2 weeks) but it has been great. He has handled it so well. We have a baby monitor and can check on him, plus now one person in the house gets a great nights rest, which has been so needed with the sicknesses we’ve had and with how much Kyler has on his plate right now.)

We’ve spent a lot of time just staring at our baby. :) I can’t even tell you how many times Kyler and I say to each other “look at his face!” “Henry is so cute!” “He is just adorable” and any other variation of gooey-baby-adoration. It’s too much fun being a parent and staring at the beautiful little human you created with the love of your life.


Other fun Henry facts at one month old: 

He likes to stick out his cute baby tongue.

He loves taking his vitamin D supplement. It’s just the yummiest thing in the world to him- so cute!

He has had the snuffles this week! (which is apparently very common in babies under 6 months in the Fall/Winter time.) Poor little baby!

He is starting to like tummy time a bit better. He likes to push his bum up with his legs during this time, which is just cute!

He loves snuggling with daddy. (and daddy LOVES snuggling with him. Seriously- I am beyond grateful Kyler is my husband and the father of my baby. He is so great and filled with absolute love and obsession with Henry- it’s so fun!)


He loves being swaddled.

He sleeps in funny poses ALL THE TIME.


He hates wet wipes and diaper changes. He also hates getting dressed and undressed.

He thinks his hands are delicious. He still thinks that he can eat his hand and get breast milk at the same time, but it hasn’t worked out yet.

He is a big fan of bath time. (big fan meaning he literally doesn’t make a peep ha ha he does often have a concerned look on his face though like it’s all a conspiracy… It’s too cute.)

We are learning a lot and love being parents to this cute little guy. :)

He is just adorable and so fun, we love our little Henry Joseph!