Henry's 10 Month Update

I don't think I started panicking about how close Henry was to a year old until this month. Eee gads! Where does the time go?! 

He would not put his legs down no matter what I tried! 

He would not put his legs down no matter what I tried! 

Henry is such a fun, active little boy. He is all over the place all the time!

He likes to walk along things and can stand while holding onto things with one hand. He has even stood without holding anything for a few seconds before falling. Balance is such a tricky thing to learn! 

He no longer does his little army crawl- he full on crawls all over the place. Often times he disappears and I will find him far away from where I left him! 

He finally got a tooth!!! It only took us 10 months. :) He was pretty fussy and not sleeping too well the week before it came, which happened to coincide with when we were in Bear Lake. That was a little tricky. But when his tooth was visible we were in Lake Powell, and he was a complete peach. :) I was pretty excited that he finally had one! I still have yet to get a picture of it, but it's pretty adorable. 

Because Henry had no teeth, I was very slow to start him on regular food. We have been sticking pretty closely to pureed baby foods and oatmeal cereal, but now I think we can start to be more adventurous! It's so fun watching his face when he tries new things.

He can say da-da, ma-ma (mostly he says muh-muh-muh when he's sad and crawls towards me) ba-ba and all sorts of other jibberish. He is such a happy little chatter box, I love it!

He can be a social baby if he feels comfortable with the people around him, but he often starts out a little shy until he gets used to people. We've noticed his defense mechanism when he is nervous is to cuddle with whoever is holding him :) which is pretty darn cute and hilarious. You'd think he'd want to go back to mom and dad, but it's like he's fine as long as he isn't looking at them. 

Ever since he has popped his tooth he has been taking longer naps and sleeps in until 9:30/10am every morning - woot woot! 

He loves to explore and tinker with things. He is starting to be really interested in other babies, and often times wants to claw their faces off. :/ we are still trying to work on that... :) 

He is just a ball full of energy and giggles- Kyler and I seriously still can't believe he is ours. It's like winning the lottery- we just love getting to have him as our son. Babies are seriously such a blessing.