Something New

Well, about a month ago something came over me. I kept having this nagging feeling that I needed to cut my hair. There were oodles of split ends, and I just didn't think my hair looked very healthy.

However, I was petrified to actually cut it. I hadn't had short hair since I was in Elementary school. I know perfectly well that I look best with long hair. I just do. And I LOVE having long hair. I think it's so easy to maintain and it's easy to make it look good without doing a whole lot. So... I really didn't want to cut it. But I just kept feeling like I needed to do it. I wanted healthy hair! I was stewing about it for awhile, and noticing every girl with cute, short hair. It's like they were stalking me. I even had dreams about it people! I asked Kyler (who also loves my long hair) if he'd be okay if I chopped it, and he said he would be happy if I was happy and to do what I wanted to do. Well, that sealed the deal.

One Wednesday morning after Henry went down for a nap, I was looking at my hair in the mirror and trying to picture what it would look like shorter and then all of a sudden, something came over me, I grabbed my scissors, and boom. Short hair.  And yep, I cut it myself.  (I know I know, I'm a hairdresser's worst nightmare. :) ) 

It only took minutes to cut it up to my collar bone, but it took a few hours (yep, hours) to actually make it even and look good. Don't worry, I realize I could have gone to a hair salon and had it done in less than an hour, but I guess I wanted to finish what I had started. I didn't want to find a sitter for Henry and I kinda wanted to be able to say that I cut it myself. For some reason I have never been too worried about my hair. Of course it isn't perfect, although I tried my darndest, but I think for doing it myself, it turned out pretty well!  Henry seems to like it, Kyler likes it, and most importantly I like it, so I am feeling pretty good about things. :)

Do I miss my long hair? Um... of course! :) You can't have long hair for 14 years and not miss it. Do I like my short hair? Yeah, I really do. I think it's fun and perfect for summer and now Henry can't yank it. :) Will I cut it short in the future? Probably only if I have to in order to keep it healthy. Or in another 14 years. Or maybe in 5. I don't know. :)  Like I said before, I'm a girl who loves her long hair, but I may or may not switch it up every once in a while.  

It's funny that something so simple like cutting your hair can make you feel crazy and excited and scared. I'm excited for my hair to grow in healthier and I am excited for it to be long again. But I also really love how it's looking these days too. And besides, even if I didn't, there's no point in crying over cut hair. :)