Henry Update

Here's a little update on my Henry boy. 

He is the sweetest big brother! He loves Rosie so much- the first thing he says when he wakes up is "Baby!" and he instantly tries to find her. He loves to pat her head, give her little kisses, and just give her big cheesey grins. He also tries to "play" with her (at least that's what I tell myself!) by throwing balls at her or hitting her with pillows, so I've got to protect her quite a bit from him. :) 

I am constantly amazed at how smart he is. He is a little parrot and is saying so many new words! He understands quite a bit and loves to be helpful. He loves cars, climbing on things, and playing with his little kitchen and fake food. He loves to swim and is always trying to find a way to splash around in water. (by spilling cups and sitting in it or trying to jump in the gutters, the crazy pants!) 

He is definitely a strong willed little guy and puts up a fight every once in awhile when asked to be obedient. He is normally very happy and go friendly with other children but every once in awhile (and it seems to only be with certain kids) he'll be a bit more aggressive. Otherwise he kind of loves other children to death, as in he'll hug them and never want to let go, or chase them all over trying to give kisses. He seems to get along best with kids that are older than him. His nursery leaders tell me he is always easy to please and happy even when other kids take away the toy he was playing with, so that's pretty good! 

I think the two best words to describe him are PARTY ANIMAL. Seriously. Everything is a party to him. He is constantly laughing, beaming a cheesey grin or dancing. He loves being the center of attention and loves smiling at others. (unless he's tired, then he's all partied out. :) )

I love this adorable boy and his fun personality! He truly keeps me moving and learning each day. I will always cherish these days with my little Henry boy.